Comparison between virgin acrylic and recycled acrylic
Virgin acrylic Recycled acrylic
Excellent in UV-stable and anti-yellowish & color-lasting at least in five years Bad in UV satble and easy to turn Yellow, fade color as well as crack
Light transmittance>92% Light transmittance<80%
Clear at the section , well in shape-keeping with processing or/and thermoform Yellowish at the section with brighter ,it doesnt start so apparent , but it would turn yellow in short-term application
No smell It turns yellow fast with processing or/and thermaoform and generates pungent odor, it is easy to crack
Excellent in crack resistance and chemical resistance Inferior in resolvant & chemical resistance , easy to crack 
Excellent in weather resistance Inferior in weather resistance
Well-protected by high-quality Packing & masking paper Low-quality in packing & masking paper.